Conditions & Pre-Requisites for Registration of a Private Educational Institution with PEIRA:

An institution shall be registered by the Regulatory Authority keeping in view:

  • in general terms it is suitably located, staffed and equipped with proper learning facilities;
  • it has a consituted managing committee or board of directors;
  • the curricula, courses of studies and books being used or to be used for preparing students for examination conducted by a foreign educational agency shall contain nothing repugnant to Islam or Ideology of Pakistan or discriminatory/prejudicial against minitory communities;
  • the teaching staff shall in no manner either by sign or word of mouth or writing or any other means propagate anything repugnant to Islam and Ideology of Pakistan;
  • the Principal and teaching staff shall be employed by the institution on terms and conditions not less favourable than those in the Federal Goverment educational institutions through a written agreement between the management and the employee;
  • a foregin national is employed by it with the approval of the Goverment;
  • the facilities and quality of education being provided to the students shall be commensurate with the fees and other charges levied by it. Also that its managment shall feel sensitive to the parents'economic position and make sincere effort to ensure that fees and other charges remain within reasonable limits;
  • the institution premises, accommodation, furniture,equipment and sports facalites are sufficient and of required standard to meet the educational needs;
  • it follows rules and regulations as prescribed by the Goverment or Regulatory Authority;
  • the co-curriculars being improtant dimensions are given due consideration and implementation; and are properly programmed;
  • the records and registers are properly maintained;
  • it shall notify through a prospectus the details of facilities,fees and other information before the commencement of each academic year;
  • it shall furnish such data,information or statments as may be requried by the Regulatory Authority;
  • it shall have spacious and well-equipped laboratories in relevant disciplines at SSC and HSSC level and also where requried at lower levels;
  • it shall have a spacious and well stocked library containing minimum of three thousand books and three volumes of each text book relating to the subjects being taught in the institution. Elementry,Primary and Middle schools will not be subjected to the condition of three thousand books;
  • it shall employ on regular basis a qualified Librarian and a Physical Training Instructor or Director Physical Education as required;
  • every institution or its branch being run under the same managment or name at diffrent premises shall be registered separately;
  • it shall function in conformity with the objectives of National Education Policy and shall follow curricula and syllabi as prescribed. The institutions following scheme(s) of studies other than the National Scheme will continue to follow curricula and other course of studies as prescribed for that scheme at the requisite level;
  • it shall be open to periodical inspection by the inspection committee authorized by the Regulatory Authority to ensure that the provisions of the National Education Policy and the Islamabad Capital Territory Private Edcuational Institutions (Registration and Regulation) Act, 2013 are followed as prescribed;and
  • the management, staff and the students shall not take part in activities prejudicial to the integrity and solidarity of the state or disseminate opinions tending to excite feeling of hatred and disloyalty towards the State, religion or bias,prejudice or discrimination against minorities.

Fees Charged By PEIRA for Registration of Newly Established Private Educational Institutions:

Registration Fee:
  • Institutions charging monthly tuition fee from Rs 201/- to Rs 500/- pay Rs 10,000/-
  • Institutions charging monthly tuition fee from Rs 501/- to Rs 1,000/- pay Rs 20,000/-
  • Institutions charging monthly tuition fee from Rs 1,001/- to Rs 2,000/- pay Rs 40,000/-
  • Institutions charging monthly tuition fee from Rs 2,001/- to Rs 3,000/- pay Rs 60,000/-
  • Institutions charging monthly tuition fee from Rs 3,001/- to Rs 5,000/- pay Rs 100,000/-
  • Institutions charging monthly tuition fee from Rs 5,001/- to Rs 10,000/- pay Rs 200,000/-
  • Institutions charging monthly tuition fee from Rs 10,001/- to Rs 20,000/- pay Rs 400,000/-
  • Institutions charging monthly tuition fee more than Rs 20,000/- pay Rs 1,000,000/-

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